It's a Process

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am still very much in the early stages of this business. My very lean website may have also tipped you off.

Since I started Cara Louise it’s been a constant process of getting closer and closer to a clear identity.  

I am an Instructional Designer. I enjoy the world of education and particularly helping others improve their instruction to others, whatever the format. I am also a Graphic Designer, which is much more difficult to proclaim.

Instructional Design is significantly more objective. There are best practices and lots of research on how the brain learns to guide us in how to create courses, workshops and trainings that work for all or many types of leaners. And there’s data, particularly in online learning, which can identify deficiencies and be a guide for improvement. How many students completed the course? How long did it take them? Where did they spend the most time? How did the students feel about the course when surveyed? All of these things make Instructional Design a much safer place for me.

Graphic Design is a different story. Sure there are design principles, trends and lots of other guides to good design. But at the end of the day it’s really creating something specific to each client and depends largely on their tastes. And there’s enough creativity involved to bring out the deepest insecurities. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, ask ANYONE in any remotely creative profession.

Because of these realities, I started this business with the idea that I am an excellent Instructional Designer who brings a marked advantage to the table because of my design background. That means not only can I create effective assessments, objectives and rubrics, I can make them look really good.

However, some of my first projects have been primarily Graphic Design. And I have loved it. Loved it in ways I will never love Instructional Design.

As I continue to work through this process, I am seeing more clearly that instead of the design being a supplement to Instructional Design, I am actually a Graphic Designer who uses what I know about how we learn to create graphics that work. Not only that, my process includes an element of education. I am able to clearly explain design direction and choices, advise on best uses and help clients think through a marketing plan.

More specifically I am most interested in working with small businesses, especially those run by women. I have always believed in the empowerment of women and that everyone benefits from women being empowered. I am thrilled to find a place where I can use tangible skills and experiences to provide services to help small businesswomen succeed. I want to make quality branding and design accessible and affordable to those just starting out. I am certainly not exclusive to women, but I do want to focus on this demographic.

My mission to “turn your professional and expert ideas into clear and compelling communications using best practices in education and design” still holds true.  And I will continue to pursue opportunities in education and Instructional Design as they present themselves. In many ways, the two are still inseparable for me. But I will work to grow the aspects of my business that uses my skills and abilities to assist women in growing their businesses. That may involve anything from consulting on effective workshops to a branding guide.

Whatever your business and whatever your goals, I’m excited partner with you to provide you with additional tools for success.