Introducing Cara Louise

Welcome to Cara Louise: Instruction+Design!

As a first blog post, I thought I would introduce my services in greater detail to provide some additional explanation about what it is I do. On my home page you can see a breakdown of three basic categories that capture the services I offer. Below I have expanded on those items and provided some examples in hopes create a fuller picture of my offerings. 

This is certainly a broad term but my consulting refers to matters of program/course creation and design. One example would be working with a program in an institute of higher education to develop program competencies and courses that are aligned. I come from higher education and recently assisted another department in thinking through a competency-based program starting at the beginning with overall program outcomes and working down to the course design level. My job is to give you the tools you need to work through this process and to guide you back creating measurable outcomes and ensuring that everything is aligned—which is to say all of the content is connected and working together meet overall program goals.

But this service certainly extends beyond higher education. For example, you may have content knowledge you would like to share with the world. Perhaps you are a professional coach looking to create trainings to share your coaching knowledge. Or maybe you’ve written a helpful book and want to offer courses as a supplement to the book.  Or you've had some success in your area and you want to provide workshops to share your experiences and help others learn. Whatever your knowledge area is, offering courses or workshops can be a great way to make others aware of your services and provide you with additional income.

While I can do original branding and designs, I often find that people have something they’ve been working with already and are looking for a refresh or a possibly even a totally new look and feel. It’s likely you’ve put thought into your branding and have created flyers and business cards using tools and resources available to you at the time. When you begin to grow and you feel ready to take another look at that work or fine tune what you have, that’s where I come in. I love working with entrepreneurs to create an image that uniquely suits them and clearly tells their story to the world.

Whether you need to a complete overhaul that includes an all-new logo, business cards, stickers, etc. or just a well designed post card to give out to local businesses, I would love to help.

It’s often the case that people have great content, but not always handouts or presentations that clearly communicate that content. And unfortunately, the message is sometimes lost due to a busy PowerPoint or a poorly designed handout.

Simple visuals and eye-catching tools can significantly enhance a presentation and make your content something people remember long after you’ve presented it.

You’re the expert; let me create something that truly shows your audience your expertise.

So there you have it. It’s a lot, I know, but at the core is helping other people tell their story in a way that benefits all who hear it.

So how can I help you tell your story? If you have an idea, I’ll work with your budget to assist you. So don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear more about what you do and what you think we can accomplish together.