Turning your professional and expert ideas
into clear and compelling communications
using best practices in education and design. 

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Whether you're planning a program, course or maybe some workshops, I can guide you to reach your goals and ensure alignment. If you don't know where to start or even exactly where you want to end up I'll assist you in the process.

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You may have an existing logo or content that needs an update or maybe you're just starting out and need and brand new logo. Together we'll identify your goals your business and design something that clearly tells the story the world needs to hear from you.

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Regardless of where you are in the creation process you're going to need materials to share your ideas. This could be anything from business cards to infographics or even a visual presentation to supplement your content.

Cara Louise


In 2011 I decided to pursue something I'd always wanted to pursue: Graphic Design. I started a program in Nashville, TN the same day I started a new job working in higher education. Shortly after starting I decided I also wanted to pursue a Masters in Education, specifically in Instructional Technology. I did the two programs simultaneously (not recommended) finishing my M.Ed. in December 2013 and a A.A.S. in Visual Communication with a focus on Graphic Design in May 2014. 

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to apply both programs to my work in higher education but in 2015 brought the two areas together to become an Instructional Designer. I spent two and half years developing courses for adult students by working with a curriculum expert and a variety of content creators. Together we started several new programs and create courses for each those programs.

In 2018 I decided to step out on my own to take on additional contract opportunities in Instructional Design that would expose me to other programs and types of learners and to look for more opportunities to incorporate graphic design. 

My goal is to work with individuals who already have ideas, plans and/or small businesses that would benefit from support in communicating their ideas. I love working with people's ideas and creating something that clearly expresses those ideas. Good design can make all the difference. 

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